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This branch is dedicated to reworking mkessler-fancythm

This is also WIP

Package reworks


- Add option for only images / literature
- Add option to set include paths of images / literature


- Get rid of \@course - replace with \@title by default (automatically detect this?)


- Add option for include path of inkscape figures

mkessler- lectures

- Other date formats allowed? -> use datetime package !


  • get old calligraphic font and provide it as \mathcalo


  • spacing of subsection before fancy thm
  • how exactly to number the claim environment, to make it referencable correctly


  • Better language options
  • Change command name (migrate to english)

Option clashes

There is an option clash (since TexLive 2018) between thmtools, IEEEtrantools and cleveref. To (temporarily) fix this, the hypersetup package provides cleveref only as an option 'cleveref'. Only load this if you are not using both of the abve

See also

Ideas for new macros

  • Cup with point above for disjoint union
  • Print a complex number i differently
  • function restriction (f|_X f\mid_X is not nice, take spacing from !\upharpoonright!{#1}) l. 156 \defon
  • macro for 'entspricht'
  • cev for reversed direction vector, l. 170 \cev
  • integration for mathbf?

Package ideas

  • Define new math environment column types
  • Integrate this:
                     \space ended by \protect\end{\detokenize{#1}}}\@eha}