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Latex Packages

This is a collection of some packages I regularly use. Feel free to use them as well, if you want to.

However, some of them (especially mkessler-math) might be heavily customized for myself and do not form a real package in the Unix philosophy sense and are more of my preamble, that everyone gets to copy around that I bundled up in a central place. Some others (especially mkessler-fancythm) follow (or at least try to) this philosophy, so they should be designed to work with your documents and online provide specific functionality.

Mostly, they are available as a repository so that

  • People that I work on the same documents with have access to all the source code I used, without having to send them package files each time
  • I can use these as a submodule in various other projects, e.g. the write-up of my lecture notes. This bundles re-usability and easy modifiability at a central place whilst also allowing project-specific (small) adaptations
  • I like sharing things that could help others, as I profit from others way too often
  • This motivates me to keep things organized


If you want to use these, just clone latex-packages-build into your ~/texmf/tex/latex directory, and you are ready to go. The builds are also available as single files or as zip at the pages.


See the documentation folder (or zip file) at pages for documentation to most of the packages.


As already mentioned, not all of these are intended for generic use. If you however feel like this should be the case, feel free to point out bugs or troubles when using these here at GitHub or to me directly.


Feel free to send pull requests if you have suggestions for improvements.


This is free software. Prior to version 2.6 this has been MIT-licensed. Starting with version 1.6 this is licensed under the LPPL and/or the GPLv3. See for further details.

The quiver.sty package here is taken from varkor/quiver and licensed under the MIT License. It is redistributed unchanged for dependency reasons of my projects.