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@ -154,14 +154,15 @@ By Zorn's lemma, this will follow from
Then there is another factor $(Z,T)$ of $(X,T)$
which is a proper isometric extension of $Y$.
{(Y,T)} && {(X,T)} \\
& {(Z,T)}
\arrow[from=1-1, to=1-3]
\arrow[from=2-2, to=1-3]
\arrow["{\text{isometric extension}}"{description}, from=1-1, to=2-2]
\arrow[from=1-3, to=1-1]
\arrow[from=1-3, to=2-2]
\arrow["{\text{isometric extension}}"{description}, from=2-2, to=1-1]
\yaref{thm:furstenberg} allows us to talk about ranks of distal minimal flows: