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@ -160,14 +160,14 @@ Let $I$ be a linear order
we have that $F_\gamma = \bigcap_{\alpha < \gamma} F_\alpha$,
since $(X_\gamma,\Z)$ is the inverse limit of
$\{(X_{\alpha}, \Z):\alpha < \gamma\}$.
\item For all $\alpha < \beta$, $F_{\alpha+1} \subsetneq F_\alpha$,
\item For all $\alpha$ it is $F_{\alpha+1} \subsetneq F_\alpha$,
because $\pi^{\alpha+1}_\alpha \colon (X_{\alpha+1},\Z) \to (X_\alpha,\Z)$
is not a bijection
and all the fibers are isomorphic.
So $(F_\alpha)_{\alpha \le \beta}$ is a strictly
increasing chain of closed subsets.
decreasing chain of closed subsets.
But $X$ is second countable,
so $\beta$ is countable:
Let $\{U_n\} = \cB$ be a countable basis