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GitHub/Gitea action to deploy a static webpage, similar to GitLab actions (which Gitea has not implented as of October 2023).

With default configuration, on git.abstractnonsen.se, this is used as an action to deploy pipeline artifacts to pages.abstractnonsen.se/<owner>/<repository>/.

See abstractnonsense/pages for scripts and detailed explanations on how to set up the webserver part that you need for this action to work.

Existing deploy

Here on git.abstractnonsen.se, we already have an instance deployed. If you want to use it, contact Max or Josia to set up ssh keys.


Regarding access to the server (defaults in parantheses):

  • host-user (pages): The Linux user of your webserver for which you have configured the ssh key.
  • host (abstractnonsen.se): Hostname to access, typically your domain.
  • host-key (ssh-ed25519 AAA...): Public ssh hostkey (the one that would usually be in ~/.ssh/known_hosts, including the key type but not the hostname
  • ssh-key: SSH private key for authentication (the one usually in ~/.ssh/id_rsa. If not specified, the PAGES_SSH_KEY secret (from gitea) will be read, this is the preferred and secure way to use this.
  • directory (public): Directory to deploy. All files in this directory will be deployed.
  • index (true): If true, tree will be used to generate a list of files into index.html.
  • index-title (name of repository): Header and title of the generated index.html.


    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - uses: actions/checkout@v3
      - name: prepare pages
        run: |
          mkdir public
          mv some_file.txt public
          mv some_other_file.html public
      - uses: actions/pages@v1
          index-title: "CI test"