adjust makefile to src folder

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Maximilian Keßler 2023-11-05 13:04:34 +01:00
parent d221678399
commit 14474189c4
Signed by: max
GPG Key ID: BCC5A619923C0BA5

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@ -48,8 +48,8 @@ EXECUTABLE=$(LINK_NAME)$(LIBEXT)
# Collect files to be compiled
CXX_SRCS=$(foreach ext, $(CXX_SRC_EXTS), $(shell find . -name "*.$(ext)"))
C_SRCS=$(foreach ext, $(C_SRC_EXTS), $(shell find . -name "*.$(ext)"))
CXX_SRCS=$(foreach ext, $(CXX_SRC_EXTS), $(shell find src -name "*.$(ext)"))
C_SRCS=$(foreach ext, $(C_SRC_EXTS), $(shell find src -name "*.$(ext)"))
OBJS=$(foreach ext, $(SRC_EXTS), $(patsubst %.$(ext), $(BUILDDIR)/%$(LIBEXT).o, $(filter %.$(ext), $(SRCS))))