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\ProvidesPackage{gametheory}[2022/02/10 - Style file for notes of Optimization and Game Theory in Flow Problems]
%%% Custom packages from
% see the corresponding documentation there for details
% Basic math package including lots of utility definitions and operators
% Fancy theorem environments
\usepackage[number in = section]{fancythm}
% Set up of different types of todonotes
% Set up hyperref and useful colors
% \vocab command to highlight + index definitions
% \lecture command for margin notes indicating the current lecture
% as well as summary of lectures in table of content
% Inclusion of inkscape figures in Gilles Castel style
% Dumping of theorem counters to aux file, to be parsed and compile parts of the document
% Custom enumeration options in {enumerate} environment
%%% General useful packages
\NewFancyTheorem[name=Observation, group=big]{observation}