fix bugs: correctly diff against working tree or other commits now. add documentation for recent method

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Maximilian Keßler 2021-10-22 12:55:15 +02:00
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@ -2,24 +2,41 @@ import git
from .git_version import get_latest_commit
from typing import Union, Optional, List
from pathlib import Path
def is_recent(file, repo, compare: Optional[Union[git.Commit, List[git.Commit]]] = None) -> Optional[bool]:
def is_recent(file: Path, repo: git.Repo, compare: Optional[Union[git.Commit, List[git.Commit]]] = None) -> Optional[bool]:
:param file: file to check
:param repo: repo that the file belongs to
:param compare: commit or list of commits to compare to. None stands for 'working tree'
:return: Whether the given file is currently the same as in compared commit
If compare is a commit, checks if the file has changed since given commit, compared to the most recent commit
of the repository
For a list of commits, checks the same, but for all of these commits. In particular, only returns true if the file
is the same in all of the specified commits (and in the most recent of the repository)
If compare is None, compares the file against the corking tree, i.e. if the file has been modified since the last
commit on the repo. This also involves staged files, i.e. modified and staged files will be considered as
'not recent' since changes are not committed
newly_committed_files = []
if type(compare) == git.Commit:
newly_committed_files = [item.a_path for item in repo.index.diff(compare)]
elif type is None:
newly_committed_files = [item.a_path for item in repo.index.diff(None)]
newly_committed_files = [item.a_path for item in get_latest_commit(repo).diff(compare)]
elif compare is None:
com = get_latest_commit(repo)
newly_committed_files = [item.a_path for item in com.diff(None)]
elif type(compare) == list:
for commit in compare:
for item in repo.index.diff(commit):
for item in get_latest_commit(repo).diff(commit):
print("Invalid argument type for compare")
return None
if file in newly_committed_files:
if str(file.relative_to(repo.working_dir)) in newly_committed_files:
return True
return False