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% *** quiver ***
% A package for drawing commutative diagrams exported from https://q.uiver.app.
% This package is currently a wrapper around the `tikz-cd` package, importing necessary TikZ
% libraries, and defining a new TikZ style for curves of a fixed height.
% Version: 1.4.0
% Authors:
% - varkor (https://github.com/varkor)
% - AndréC (https://tex.stackexchange.com/users/138900/andr%C3%A9c)
\ProvidesPackage{quiver}[2021/01/11 quiver]
% `tikz-cd` is necessary to draw commutative diagrams.
% `amssymb` is necessary for `\lrcorner` and `\ulcorner`.
% `calc` is necessary to draw curved arrows.
% `pathmorphing` is necessary to draw squiggly arrows.
% A TikZ style for curved arrows of a fixed height, due to AndréC.
\tikzset{curve/.style={settings={#1},to path={(\tikztostart)
.. controls ($(\tikztostart)!\pv{pos}!(\tikztotarget)!\pv{height}!270:(\tikztotarget)$)
and ($(\tikztostart)!1-\pv{pos}!(\tikztotarget)!\pv{height}!270:(\tikztotarget)$)
.. (\tikztotarget)\tikztonodes}},
% TikZ arrowhead/tail styles.
\tikzset{tail reversed/.code={\pgfsetarrowsstart{tikzcd to}}}
\tikzset{2tail reversed/.code={\pgfsetarrowsstart{Implies}}}
% TikZ arrow styles.
\tikzset{no body/.style={/tikz/dash pattern=on 0 off 1mm}}