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These are my notes on the lecture
Logic 3: Abstract Topological Dynamics and Descriptive Set Theory
taught by \textsc{Aleksandra Kwiatkowska}
in the summer term 2023 at the University Münster.
This is not an official script.
The official lecture notes can be found
If you find errors or want to improve something,
please send me a message:\\
Many thanks to \textsc{Mirko Bartsch} for providing notes on lectures
I could not attend!
This notes follow the way the material was presented in the lecture rather
closely. Additions (e.g.~from exercise sheets)
and slight modifications have been marked with $\dagger$.
This document aims to give a very brief summary of
my \href{https://josia-notes.users.abstractnonsen.se/w23-logic-3/logic3.pdf}{notes on the course Logic 3}.
I try to omit most technical details and only summarize the most important
Note that this is currently work in progress.
Currently the differences to the original document are only
minor (this is still mostly a technical test),
but this document will get shorter as I work through
and summarize it.