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@ -83,13 +83,10 @@ We do a second proof of \yaref{thm:hindman}:
\footnote{Note that here we might need to choose
a bigger $N$ than the $M$ in \yaref{def:unifrec},
but $2M$ suffices.}%
\forall n.~\exists N% \gg n
.~\forall r.~(y(r), y(r+1), \ldots, y(r+N - 1)
\text{ contains }
(y(0), y(1), \ldots, y(n))
\text{ as a subsequence.}
\forall n.~\exists N.~\forall r.~&(y(r), y(r+1), \ldots, y(r+N - 1)\\
&\text{ contains } (y(0), y(1), \ldots, y(n)) \text{ as a subsequence.}\\
Consider $y(0)$.