rework searching for solutions from database

respect detrimental characters,
store found game_ids in certs table
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Maximilian Keßler 2023-07-07 22:37:37 +02:00
parent 11279a1c68
commit f322766dca
Signed by: max
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@ -20,64 +20,49 @@ from import variants
def update_seeds_db():
cur2 = database.conn.cursor()
with database.conn.cursor() as cur:
cur.execute("SELECT num_players, seed, variant_id from games;")
for (num_players, seed, variant_id) in cur:
cur2.execute("SELECT COUNT(*) from seeds WHERE seed = (%s);", (seed,))
if cur2.fetchone()[0] == 0:
print("new seed {}".format(seed))
cur2.execute("INSERT INTO seeds"
"(seed, num_players, variant_id)"
"(%s, %s, %s)",
(seed, num_players, variant_id)
print("seed {} already found in DB".format(seed))
def get_decks_of_seeds():
cur2 = database.conn.cursor()
database.cur.execute("SELECT seed, variant_id FROM seeds WHERE deck is NULL")
for (seed, variant_id) in database.cur:
cur2.execute("SELECT id FROM games WHERE seed = (%s) LIMIT 1", (seed,))
(game_id,) = cur2.fetchone()
logger.verbose("Exporting game {} for seed {}.".format(game_id, seed))
download_data.detailed_export_game(game_id, var_id=variant_id, seed_exists=True)
def update_trivially_feasible_games(variant_id):
variant: variants.Variant = variants.Variant.from_db(variant_id)
database.cur.execute("SELECT seed FROM seeds WHERE variant_id = (%s) AND feasible is null", (variant_id,))
seeds = database.cur.fetchall()
print('Checking variant {} (id {}), found {} seeds to check...'.format(, variant_id, len(seeds)))'Checking variant {} (id {}), found {} seeds to check...'.format(, variant_id, len(seeds)))
with alive_progress.alive_bar(total=len(seeds), title='{} ({})'.format(, variant_id)) as bar:
for (seed,) in seeds:
database.cur.execute("SELECT id, deck_plays, one_extra_card, one_less_card, all_or_nothing "
"FROM games WHERE score = (%s) AND seed = (%s) ORDER BY id;",
(variant.max_score, seed)
"SELECT id, deck_plays, one_extra_card, one_less_card, all_or_nothing, detrimental_characters "
"FROM games WHERE score = (%s) AND seed = (%s) ORDER BY id;",
(variant.max_score, seed)
res = database.cur.fetchall()
logger.debug("Checking seed {}: {:3} results".format(seed, len(res)))
for (game_id, a, b, c, d) in res:
if None in [a, b, c, d]:
for (game_id, a, b, c, d, e) in res:
if None in [a, b, c, d, e]:
logger.debug(' Game {} not found in database, exporting...'.format(game_id))
download_data.detailed_export_game(game_id, var_id=variant_id)
game_id, var_id=variant_id, score=variant.max_score, seed_exists=True
database.cur.execute("SELECT deck_plays, one_extra_card, one_less_card, all_or_nothing, "
"detrimental_characters "
"FROM games WHERE id = (%s)",
(a, b, c, d, e) = database.cur.fetchone()
logger.debug(' Game {} already in database'.format(game_id, valid))
valid = not any([a, b, c, d])
logger.debug(' Game {} already in database'.format(game_id))
valid = not any([a, b, c, d, e])
if valid:
logger.verbose('Seed {:10} (variant {}) found to be feasible via game {:6}'.format(seed, variant_id, game_id))
database.cur.execute("UPDATE seeds SET feasible = (%s) WHERE seed = (%s)", (True, seed))
print(a, b, c, d, e)
'Seed {:10} (variant {}) found to be feasible via game {:6}'.format(seed, variant_id, game_id))
database.cur.execute("UPDATE seeds SET (feasible, max_score_theoretical) = (%s, %s) WHERE seed = "
"(%s)", (True, variant.max_score, seed))
"INSERT INTO feasibility_certs (seed, game_id) VALUES (%s, %s)",
(seed, game_id)
logger.verbose(' Cheaty game found')
logger.verbose(' Cheaty game {} found'.format(game_id))