add method to parse game from json

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Maximilian Keßler 2023-08-08 12:12:16 +02:00
parent c65489655d
commit cd94f6fa68
Signed by: max
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@ -1,5 +1,6 @@
from typing import List
from typing import List, Dict, Tuple
from hanab_game import Action, ParseError
from hanabi import hanab_game
from hanabi import constants
from import variants
@ -26,6 +27,7 @@ class HanabLiveInstance(hanab_game.HanabiInstance):
self.variant_id = variant_id
self.variant = variants.Variant.from_db(self.variant_id)
def select_standard_variant_id(instance: hanab_game.HanabiInstance):
err_msg = "Hanabi instance not supported by, cannot convert to HanabLiveInstance: "
@ -40,6 +42,50 @@ class HanabLiveInstance(hanab_game.HanabiInstance):
return constants.VARIANT_IDS_STANDARD_DISTRIBUTIONS[instance.num_suits][instance.num_dark_suits]
def parse_json_game(game_json: Dict) -> Tuple[HanabLiveInstance, List[Action]]:
game_id = game_json.get('id', None)
players = game_json.get('players', [])
num_players = len(players)
if num_players < 2 or num_players > 6:
raise ParseError(num_players)
seed = game_json.get('seed', None)
if type(seed) != str:
raise ParseError("Unexpected seed, expected string, got {}".format(seed))
options = game_json.get('options', {})
var_id = variants.variant_id(options.get('variant', 'No Variant'))
deck_plays = options.get('deckPlays', False)
one_extra_card = options.get('oneExtraCard', False)
one_less_card = options.get('oneLessCard', False)
all_or_nothing = options.get('allOrNothing', False)
starting_player = options.get('startingPlayer', 0)
detrimental_characters = options.get('detrimentalCharacters', False)
actions = [hanab_game.Action.from_json(action) for action in game_json.get('actions', [])]
except hanab_game.ParseError as e:
raise ParseError("Failed to parse actions") from e
deck = [hanab_game.DeckCard.from_json(card) for card in game_json.get('deck', None)]
except hanab_game.ParseError as e:
raise ParseError("Failed to parse deck") from e
if detrimental_characters:
raise NotImplementedError(
"detrimental characters not supported, cannot determine score of game {}".format(game_id)
return HanabLiveInstance(
deck, num_players, var_id,
), actions
class HanabLiveGameState(hanab_game.GameState):
def __init__(self, instance: HanabLiveInstance):