first version of updating max-score games in DB

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Maximilian Keßler 2023-03-13 11:46:23 +01:00
parent 777d374ba4
commit a40361b7f3
Signed by: max
GPG Key ID: BCC5A619923C0BA5
1 changed files with 56 additions and 1 deletions

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@ -1,8 +1,11 @@
import json
from time import sleep
from site_api import get, api, replay
from sat import COLORS, solve
from database import Game, store, load, commit, conn
from download_data import export_game
from variants import num_suits, VARIANTS
from alive_progress import alive_bar
def update_seeds_db():
@ -35,10 +38,62 @@ def get_decks_of_seeds():
def update_trivially_feasible_games():
cur = conn.cursor()
for var in VARIANTS:
cur.execute("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM seeds WHERE variant_id = (%s) AND feasible is null", (var['id'],))
num_seeds = cur.fetchone()[0]
cur.execute("SELECT seed, id FROM games WHERE score = (%s) AND variant_id = (%s) ORDER BY seed;", (5 * len(var['suits']), var['id']))
res = cur.fetchall()
print('Checking variant {} (id {}), found {} seeds with {} max-score games to check...'.format(var['name'], var['id'], num_seeds, len(res)))
cur_seed = None
seed_finished = False
with alive_bar(num_seeds) as bar:
for (seed, game_id) in res:
if seed_finished and cur_seed == seed:
print('skipping further game of seed {}'.format(seed))
if cur_seed != seed:
cur_seed = seed
seed_finished = False
cur.execute("SELECT deck_plays, one_extra_card, one_less_card, all_or_nothing FROM games WHERE id = (%s)", (game_id,))
cheat_options = cur.fetchall()[0]
valid = None
if None in cheat_options:
print('Game {} not found in database, exporting...'.format(game_id))
succ, valid = export_game(game_id)
if not succ:
print('Error exporting game {}.'.format(game_id))
valid = not any(cheat_options)
print('Game {} already in database, valid: {}'.format(game_id, valid))
if valid:
print('Seed {:9} (variant {} / {}) found to be feasible via game {:6}'.format(seed, var['id'], var['name'], game_id))
cur.execute("UPDATE seeds SET feasible = (%s) WHERE seed = (%s)", (True, seed))
seed_finished = True
print('Cheaty game found')
for (seed,) in cur:
cur2.execute("UPDATE seeds SET feasible=TRUE WHERE seed=(%s)", (seed,))
print("Seed {} found to be feasible")
def solve_unknown_seeds():
for var in VARIANTS:
cur.execute("SELECT deck FROM games WHERE seed = (%s)", (a,))
print('looked at {} games'.format(num_games))
for i in range(2,7):
print("Found {} seeds in {}-player in database".format(len(seeds[i]), i))