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### PostgreSQL
You need to install PostgreSQL on your system, for installation instructions refer to your distribution.
Create a new database and user
Create a new database and user, put the connection parameters in a config file (see below).
This should be at your system default for the application `hanabi-suite`,
on POSIX systems this should be `~/.config/hanabi-suit/config.yaml`.
For the format, see the example config file.
## Usage of stuff that already works:
Use the `hanabi_suite.py` CLI interface to download games and analyze them.
An initial setup might look like this:
hanabi_cli.py gen-config // Generates configuration file for DB connection parameters and prints its location
<Edit your configuration file>
hanabi_cli.py init // Initializes database tables
hanabi_cli.py download --var 0 // Donwloads information on all 'No Variant' games
hanabi_cli.py analyze --download <game id> // Downloads and analyzes game from hanab.live