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Just some preliminary notes on how to implement a cheating bot
Based on
card types:
trash, playable, useful (dispensable), critical
pace := #(cards left in deck) + #players - #(cards left to play)
modified_pace := pace - #(players without useful cards)
endgame := #(cards left to play) - #(cards left in deck) = #players - pace
-> endgame >= 0 iff pace <= #players
in_endgame := endgame >= 0
discard_badness(card) :=
1 if trash
8 - #players if card useful but duplicate visible # TODO: should probably account for rank of card as well, currently, lowest one is chosen
80 - 10*rank if card is not critical but currently unique # this ensures we prefer to discard higher ranked cards
600 - 100*rank if only criticals in hand # essentially not relevant, since we are currently only optimizing for full score
if (have playable card):
if (in endgame) and not (in extraround):
stall in the following situations:
- we have exactly one useful card, it is a 5, and a copy of each useful card is visible
- we have exactly one useful card, it is a 4, the player with the matching 5 has another critical card to play
- we have exactly one useful card (todo: maybe use critical here?), the deck has size 1, someone else has 2 crits
- we have exactly one playable card, it is a 4, and a further useful card, but the playable is redistributable in the following sense:
the other playing only has this one useful card, and the player holding the matching 5 sits after the to-be-redistributed player
- sth else that seems messy and is currently not understood, ignored for now
TODO: maybe introduce some midgame stalls here, since we know the deck?
play a card, matching the first of the following criteria. if several cards match, recurse with this set of cards
- if in extraround, play crit
- if in second last round and we have 2 crits, play crit
- play card with lowest rank
- play a critical card
- play unique card, i.e. not visible
- lowest suit index (for determinancy)
if 8 hints:
give a hint
if 0 hints:
discard card with lowest badness
stall in the following situations:
- #(cards in deck) == 2 and (card of rank 3 or lower is missing) and we have the connecting card
- #clues >= 8 - #(useful cards in hand), there are useful cards in the deck and either:
- the next player has no useful cards at all
- we have two more crits than the next player and they have trash
- we are in endgame and the deck only contains one card
- it is possible that no-one discards in the following round and we are not waiting for a card whose rank is smaller than pace // TODO: this feels like a weird condition
discard if (discard badness) + #hints < 10
stall if someone has a better discard